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How do I Manage Files and Folders and set download links?
Last Updated 2 years ago

To access it goto

Click Login – Rackstation 3 Login


You can get there directly from this link -

Enter Your Username

Enter Your Password

Click (Stay logged in)

Once in the system click File Station folder in top left hand corner - you will then be inside the folder system

To create your folders click the Create folder button in top menu

Go into your folder and then you can drag and drop you customer files into the folder or use the Upload menu choice to send files up to the folder. Both work, however drag and drop is much easier and quicker.

To “Share” the File with your customer

Right mouse click the Folder (Or File)

Click the “Share” Menu choose at the bottom of the popup menu

Copy The “Shared link” url

Click Enable Sharing

Click the “Share with Other” radio button

Type in the Password you want them to use to access their file

Click Save

That’s It Your done!

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